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    OshKosh 2010

    July 31st, 2010   Oshkosh Departure

       Some say that air shows are just air shows and all air shows are alike when when one looks and ponders at the same aircraft over and over. This may be true sitting in front of the television every year and wishing one could be there! At Oshkosh, the air shows are daily indeed, but it's not really about the air shows, it's about the people and all about the people. Of course the event is truly an aviation spectacle all of its own and one can truly testify that the folks who attend Oshkosh Air Venture are a crowd un-paralleled anywhere !

    Saturday's departure almost became a d�j� vu of the beginning trek to Oshkosh that week as the weather was being stubborn once again providing low laying clouds, mist, haze, and IFR conditions delaying departure for over four hours. The clouds lifted, the plane lifted, and back to the west returning home with an overnight pit stop in Council Bluffs, IA just to have dinner at the local Cracker Barrel restaurant ;~)  teeing off a great weekend. Upon returning over the Nebraska / Colorado region, home stood tall, waved large and said "Hello, welcome back JoesPiper" with that good ole density altitude not to be missed and never ever to be ignored or disrespected. When one enjoys the privilege of 800 feet MSL in Oshkosh,WI. compared to 5500 feet MSL with a DA of 8500 feet  bobbing about in a Cherokee  in route to the Front Range, one always minds the physics of low and slow in the event of gusts or shear. Regardless, the return home was un-eventful and arriving just before the really big thunder bumpers pushed themselves over the plains. Thanks again Oshkosh for a wonderful week indeed!  See the pics and videos in the photo gallery's.

    DIY Refurbished Paint


    From this 1987 Imron paint

    to this 2018 Imron single stage paint for
    less than $600!

      From looking at the 1987 paint in the first picture above, you would think the plane looks pretty darn good the way it sits and looks and it does (after compounding and waxing with a buffer)   Reality says a different story. The white Imron is somewhat faded but not too bad with some nicks here and there and it should since we are talking 31 years since N16583 had any kind of paint work performed.

    This plane was purchased 2003 and even then the paint was so-so, but the paint switch flipped after a two year airframe refurb / overhaul of the airframe that started in 2003 -  (any corrosion, all new interior, all service letters complied with, under rear seat strip and zinc chromate - copper battery cables, control cables, wing tip strobes, new wingtips, new cylinders, new mags, prop overhaul, and the list is very long including all 1/4 inch glass). When flying the plane I could feel flutter in the ailerons at maneuvering speed (129 mph) and sat often finger tapping my head saying "What the heck "(yes, cable tensions were correct and even with no loose hardware or hinges). So, out of the blue one day I decided to run my pinky fingernail down the leading edges of the wings and slightly above as well and as I continued this backyard type of troubleshooting something did not feel right as there was a certain amount of roughness which was irregular (should feel smooth and slicker than tap dancing shoes on a sheet of ice).

      The procedure was the same procedure across the ailerons and sure enough the roughness was there - kinda like super fine sandpaper (wet sanding paper). Then, the light bulb lit up like a strobe flash in your eyes - PARASITIC DRAG! Porosity (age and sun for three years under the S.W. skies not being hangered) in the paint causing the parasitic drag and irregular air flows over the control surfaces. I sat there just shaking my head at the time and knew my work was cut out for me.


    -Read the rest of the story here -





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