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1973 Piper Cherokee 150

Price: $64,500.00

Short Description

1973 P28A Piper Cherok 150 S/N 28-7325301 TT - 4545.86 Well maintained and one of the best flying cherokees.

Mfg in Vero Beach, Fla. to Novato, Ca. 1973 - 2000, Albuquerque, NM 2000- 2003, Watkins, CO. (KCFO - formerly KFTG) 2003 to present. Dry climate aircraft, always hangered. Newer interior, Left seat vertical adjustment, Shoulder belts, Horizontal compass, Yoke mounted mike switch, Low voltage panel indicator, Comm1-King radios and VOR, Comm2 - new Narco 810+, Garmin GTX 327 Xpndr, ADS-B FreeFlight Systems in/out w/wifi and digital encoder, 1/4 inch tinted glass all around, Aileron and Stabilator gap seals, Digital ammeter/voltmeter, Air Conditioner (compressor removed)- system in place with Piper Air scoop, Fuel tank vents replaced - all new structural screws, Metco wingtips, Whelen wingtip strobes, vertical fin strobe, ACK 406 MHZ ELT w/remote activation switch, High intensity LED Teledyne Alpha beam landing light, reconditioned battery box w/ Bogert STC copper cables, All AD's complied with, Spar AD complied with - no factor. Corrosion X applied. New paint scheme 2018.


Lycoming O-320E3D 150HP S/N L-33242-27A (Warrior line) TT - 4545.86 TSMOH - 941.29 TSTOH - 142.12 Prop TT - 4545.86 Prop TSMOH - 339.43All new Lycoming nitrided cylinder - compressions 78 or better w/ new cylinder kits, new engine mounts, SAF-Air Oil quick drain, Steel braided oil return hoses, O/H vacuum pump w/ cooling shroud, Reif preheat system, AirWolf air/oil seperator, newer Aero Classics oil cooler, Oil cooler by-pass (vernatherm valve) replaced, newer magnetos, Champion fine wire iridium spark plugs, Champion ignition harness (metal elbows), newer alternator w/new idler puller, Skytec lightweight starter, EI C-6 digital instrument - CHT all four cylinders, digital EGT, digital oil temperature, Digital OAT, (carb temp and outside temp), heated pitot, Alternate air valve, High flow air filter, Powerflow short stack exhaust, all new ducting.