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Fly to OshKosh Airventure 2013 beginning on July 24th - 25th and returning on August 3rd - 4th with JoesPiper from FTG, LXN, AMW, OSH, LNR, GRI, LXN, and return to FTG. All flight legs recorded here.

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Below are the video length times. Enjoy your Oshkosh flight to and from FTG!

(1) FTG to LXN  =   2hrs, 11min, 15sec  (2) LXN to AMW =  2hrs, 50min, 59sec (3) AMW to OSH =  0hrs, 20min, 22sec (not actual flight time) 

(4) OSH to LNR  = 0hrs, 52min, 58sec (5) LNR to GRI  =  3hrs, 52min, 58sec    (6) GRI to LXN =  0hrs, 42min, 28sec   (7) LXN to FTG =  0hrs, 51min, 06sec