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OshKosh 2010


   July 31st, 2010

Oshkosh Departure


   Some say that air shows are just air shows and all air shows are alike except that one gets to look and ponder at the same aircraft over and over. This may be true sit'n in front of the television every year and wish'n one could be there! At Oshkosh, the air shows are daily indeed, but it's not really about the air shows, it's about the people and all about the people. Of course the event is truly an aviation spectacle all of its own and one can truly testify that the folks who attend Oshkosh Air Venture are a crowd un-paralleled anywhere !

Saturday's departure almost became a déjà vu of the beginning trek to Oshkosh that week as the weather was being stubborn once again providing low laying clouds, mist, haze, and IFR conditions delaying departure for over four hours. The clouds lifted, the plane lifted, and back to the west returning home with an overnight pit stop in Council Bluffs, IA just to have dinner at the local Cracker Barrel restaurant ;~)  teeing off a great weekend. Upon returning over the Nebraska / Colorado region, home stood tall, waved large and said "Hello, welcome back JoesPiper" with that good ole density altitude not to be missed and never ever to be ignored or disrespected. When one enjoys the privilege of 800 feet MSL in Oshkosh,WI. compared to 5500 feet MSL with a DA of 8500 feet  bobbing about in a Cherokee  in route to the Front Range, one always minds the the physics of low and slow in the event of gusts or shear. Anyhooo, the return home was un-eventful and arriving just before the really big thunder bumpers pushed themselves over the plains. Thanks again Oshkosh for a wonderful week indeed!  See the pics and videos in the photo gallery's.

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Celebrating 50 years of succesful flying on October 31st, 2010



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OshKosh 2015

JoesPiper just had to post the arrival to Whitman airfield this year.  Check it out! Landing runway 36 Winds 090@9

July 15th / 2015

Current Events (July 26th -Sunday / 2015 - )




Here we go again talking about the most boring subject on the planet. If you can find an individual that studies weather patterns and will take the time to have a layman's converse with you; there is no disappoint! My outbound departure and trip from Oshkosh, WI, to Denver, CO.




 involved some interesting weather patterns along the way and excited my inexperience as an aviator enriching my decision making process for future safer flights. Below are a few video clips that I'd like to share  and in some ways kind'a cool just to watch. The first vid clip is showing weather patterns across the Mississippi River (Lacrosse, WI.) with low laying clouds and some rain pours off to the North. In order to clear the clouds for VFR, I had to climb to 4500 MSL and then level off at 5000  msl. Winds were smooth with a slight tailwind from the  East 100 degrees.




Now that some of that weather has been left behind, let's keep cruising on to Humboldt, IA (0K7) for the next fuel stop. The weather is forgiving with smooth air despite the cloud layers and fairly light winds that are quartering from the south east.



At $4.28 per 100LL gallon at Humboldt, that was worth the stop! After transfering data from the Contour Vid cam, refreshing, fueling, and updating weather data, it's time to get out of here. This leg between 0K7 and 0F4 (Loup City) endured some cloud flying to eliminate headwinds and have increased airspeeds.




So much for trying to get to Denver Front Range. A massive storm cell stretching from the South side of Denver to

Sydney, NE was moving at 20knots with a another storm cell 50 miles to the North both moving east. The thought was to fly between the cells and circle back into Sydney, NE for fuel. The result was wind sheers causing engine over speeds, upset recovery from massive down and up drafts, severe turbulence with a very forgiving Vid Cam hiding the flight conditions.



That was close! These Vids were not about weather, but actually about DECISION MAKING :-)


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